Wednesday, January 12, 2011

shri narendra babu sharma

Hello viewers,

                        For the first time in history,all the devotees of SHRI NARENDRA BABU SHARMA GURUJI
of BHAVYA BRAHMANDA fame have an golden oppurtunity to meet guruji.All you have to do is e-mail your name,email-id,contact no,place to the email-id site is whole and sole under the guidance of guruji and SHRI SAMPOORNA VARAMAHALAXMI SANNIDHI  TRUST.Misuse of guruji's name,illegal use of the blog and making money using gurujis name is prohibited.Strict action will be taken if found doing so and law will take its own course.Very soon ,a new website on guruji  will be launched and the exact date will be notified later .Guruji will reply to your email as soon as possible.


  1. Parama Poojya Guruji,

    I would like send to you letter. please give me the contact email Id.

  2. Pujya Guruji,

    I want to send a email. Please give ur mail id

  3. Ha ha. E halka boli maga yaav dodda Guru. Janagalige buddhi illa. Firstu avrige metnalli hodibeku. Bari OLu haakond oddaado inta nan maklanna guruji anta bere karitaare. Kyaak Thuuuu.